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Fuel Coming to Carriacou Marine

We are very pleased to announce that work is underway to bring fuel to Carriacou Marine in the next few weeks.


Ground work commenced just a few days ago when SOL the premier supplier of petroleum products to the Caribbean delivered it’s first fuel tanks to Carriacou marine and are presently being installed.


Weather permitting all should be ready for the coming sailing season this December, yachts will be able to dock in the calm waters of Tyrrel bay at Carriacou marine, fuel up, take on water, and supplies and continue on their journey.

Carriacou Marine, will operate the marine fuel facility which will also provide duty free fuel and lubricants to eligible clients.

In addition to the new fuel facility Carriacou Marine operates a chandlery stocking many Island Water World products , as well as a convenience store, the well known Iguana Cafè, accomodation for visiting customers of the boat yard who prefer not to live on board while hauling out for maintentance to their yachts.

Trevor Stanislaus, CML’s General Manager , indicated that this latest addition is very welcome by many on the island, as it solves safety issues for fuel delivery to yachts and small boats, as well as completing the range of services available.

Carriacou over the years has attracted skills and professionals who can provide solutions and maintenance to a wide variety of requirements, from fiberglass, to engineering, to carpentry, to metalworking and aluminum, to sails, the new fuel facility completes the list of services available in this strategically located bay, in a safe and friendly atmosphere.

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